Friday, December 24, 2010

Nuestra primera Navidad en casa

Queria tomar muchas fotos, fotos de cosas que quizas en algunos anos voy a decir, por que hice eso? o que huachafo, o pude haber hecho mejor... si el hecho es que en muchas cosas pude haber gastado mas dinero, y hacerlo mucho mejor, pero no lo hice, a las finales, los detalles los termine a ultimo minuto, ya sea por cosas desprevenidas o nada mas por que es mi naturaleza esperar a ultimo minuto para todo, la cosa es que habian detalles de esta navidad que no queria olvidar, no importan las fotos, las cosas, lo que me importa mas son los recuerdos... recuerdos de este arbolito que nos regalon en Home Depot inesperadamente y que dimos la bienvenida a nuestra casa con mucha alegria, o el arbol gigantesco que pusimos a ultimo minuto por que el que compramos hace un par de anos se rompio la base, y por mas que hicimos para pegarlo no se pudo, y de como por pura coincidencia el Hno. Ceja habia comprado este arbol y no le cabia en su casa, y como fue tan grande oferta, $45 por este arbol, no pudimos pasarlo, y la misma tarde siguiente se cayo por ultima vez nuestro arbol y terminamos de poner el nuevo el 23 de diciembre, recuerdos de como conseguimos tan buenas ofertas en las luces de afuera, de como a ultimo minuto a Gilmer se le ocurrio hacer las iluminarias para el camino y tuvimos que ir a walmart el mismo 24, recuerdos especialmente de lo maravilloso que es mi esposo conmigo y como va conmigo en todos estos viajes locos que son mi vida, que son mis ocurrencias, que aunque el no entiende, va conmigo y puedo ver como empieza a pensar como yo y adivinar mis siguientes pasos. Nuestra primera navidad en nuestra primera casa, la familia esta pronta a venir, hora de empezar a hacer la ensalada de papa y meter el ham al horno, aunque lo debi hacer ya hace un par de horas :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Christmas tradition

I think it is our Christmas tradition now, Keera and I have been doing Christmas ornaments on Christmas time for three years now, so that would be when she was year and a half, I remember she made this popsicle stick tree ornament, with lots of help of course, but she loved it, and then last year we made different wooden ornaments, that she needed to paint, or put beads into and this year it was the snowflake, I am loving how much I can see her grow through the projects we make, and how it is "our" time and we can have a conversation, which is super entertaining to me most of the time, I love my Kiki Michie and our "Tradition"

I love flowers

I love Flower, fabric flowers, I love making flowers, I am making too many flowers, have only 3 nieces and I only have one head, maybe I should make more flowers :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Friends are a True blessing

They are! not much more I can say, thank you friends! Thank you for the good times :)

Activity Days

A few months ago I got the calling to work with the girls on Activity Days, I knew I was going to like it, I just didn't know I was going to like it this much! All the girls are sooo much fun, so corky, so beautiful, so special, true princess, all Daughters of The King, and all of them living with His spirit everyday of their lives, they truly are an inspiration to me and I am happy to see them grow into this beautiful young women that they are growing into. Two of them are graduating from primary this year, makes me a little bit sad not to have them here anymore, but I am so excited for them for what life brings them, I know I LOVED my years in young women and I know they will too, it will help them grow even further and I know the Lord has a lot in store for them, I love them all, and I thank my Father for keep giving me these callings that remind me of what's more important, service, and how when we serve, we gain the most.

Friday, December 3, 2010

25 days of giving

Ok, Anna has a challenge 25 acts of kindness for 25 days until christmas...

I am three days behind, so I'll have to either think of something I did those days or to to the 27th. I am sure there's something I can think of. Today well, I finally sent the package to my brother, that's something right? ... ok, I'll do better :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yesterday I found out why my life is so great, well, it is to me, because, I don't deal with trias too well, I just don't! I am like a little baby throwing a tantrum, why oh why me?! I don't want to deal with it, I don't want to know it exists, I just don't want it for me! and I will beg, I will cry, I will pout until somebody else takes care of it for me and my life is back to pink and nice... well, it doesn't always work that way huh? I guess not... but in between my pouting I got reminded about all my blessings, the biggest one I could think of, was the same person reminding me of them, my wonderful husband. I do have a wonderful, supportive, commited to our marriage and our life kind of husband, Thank you for being you, for being there, for always being US! I know we'll get through this, I know now there's no I in our marriage, I can't feel something is my fault, I can't feel guilty, there's too many I's there, We'll make it through, because We have a Father that loves us and gives us these trials for our growth, I am thankful for Him, I am thankful for everything He's given me, and I promise I'll try to be better and not fear, fear is not what he wants from us, I am learning to trust Him with all my heart. I love my Heavenly Father, I love my husband, I love my trials, I love my life :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

how much fun is too much fun?

Well I hardly think that is an issue, right? Sure I am tired this Monday morning here at work, sure I am going out of town for the weekend and doesn't seem like I am going to be getting any rest in a while, but I am having soooo much fun! I am loving it! I am so grateful for family and friends that keep me busy :)

So it started with Halloween Party! Definitely will have to make it a tradition! Oh my! I had so much fun and sure hope all friends and family that came did too! :) Thank you all for making Halloween so much fun! :)

Next week, my friend had left her camera at my house so we decided to make a "Dia de la Cancion Criolla" Celebration, well since she was coming all the way from Yakima for her camera, the least we could do right? LOL, not another huge party, but well, I have fun at parties no matter the size :) We had so much fun with Danny and Sandra, we just connected with them so good, we had to do it again this past weekend too, another session of Karaoke, playstation and food! :) In there too some good family time with my kiki and kiko and there you have it three straight weeks of fun and work, tired? sure! worth it? YOU BETCHA! and here goes for another coming weekend in Colorado with my favorite Coloradion babies :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

I dig junk

I want a mirror in the dinning area, I want a fancy mirror in the dinning area, I got fancy, I didn't get that big, but this will do until I get my buffet table and can figure out what I really want, for now, no point in really spending money in a big one when I can use this $2 mirror that I got at a yard sale and just spray paint.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

This girl, is growing up..... well sorto....

Why don't they let you take pictures on Claire's???? Doesn't matter, not like I'll be going there much anymore... I think I have to say I've reached a milestone in my life, where even for this princess, Claire's is just too young.........shocking, I know! But that milestone doesn't count the cute Hello Kitty cel phone charm and key cover, right? LOL :)

Why carve when you can glitterize?

I don't like carving pumpkins, I don't, I mean, they look awesome and kudos to you that do it, but isn't it messy??? yeah... not the thing for me, so isn't it appropriate for me to put glitter on them? I think yeah! Some elmer's glue and glitter, all I needed :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am soooo happy

You have no idea! Well many reasons... let's try to put them down

When we moved from Peru we left many "things" that meant something for us, "things" that belonged to my grandparents "things" my dad had made, "things" that reminded me of a childhood in Peru, of a lifetime in Peru. And yes, they were just "things" and yes, you do have to get over it, people are what really make a difference in our lifes, not "things". But with that in mind, when I bought a house in Moses Lake, I knew that United States was my Home, where I wanted and hoped to stay, to make new memories and hopefuly someday makes memories for my kids as well. I wanted, and yes, I mean, I wanted, as in I begged, and I pleaded, and I annoyed my dad for an entertainment center, I wanted him to make it, I wanted to have that big piece of furniture in my living room, made by him just like we had in my house in Lima, and even though I may not stay in this house forever, I would know that that piece of furniture will stay with me for I would hope be forever. And like a good, loving, well also tired of whining daughter, dad, he agreed! :) Work started in May, and after months and months of hard work for my dad, and with the help of my awesome and handsome (doesn't have anything to do with his handyman abilities, I just had to tell you I think he is handsome) husband, It is here!!!!!! We both, Gilmer and me, took the week off work to finish it, so at the end of that week we were ready to stain, sand, lacquer, repeat, bis bis bis many times. And that is another reason why I am so happy, working with Gilmer in the final process of this furniture, was actually........... FUN, I know! weird huh? me? loving sanding and painting? weird, but true, I loved working with hubby, he is such a perfectionist, but nobody is perfect LOL :)

And here it is now in my living room, enjoying it and thinking once and again, how awesome is my dad! how patient and kind those men are to me, even when I am so spoiled, they come forth for me, every time, and once more I feel blessed, it is not the "thing" it is what I get from them. I love you! and I love my mom too, for letting borrow her husband soooo many days and nights :)

Link to more pictures

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am grateful

For the blessing I have, I am grateful for what I've been taught, I am grateful I have a wonderful man next to me, one that his main concern is always my happiness, he truly is happy when I am happy, I feel it, I sense it, and I appreciate it, I am thankful to my Heavenly Father that gave him to me, I am grateful, for the right decisions I made in my life that led me to him. I do not believe in coincidences, I do not believe you just happen to get blessings, I believe in consequences, I believe everything you get is for something you've done, I am sure I did something right in my life to deserve the life I today have, I am definitely sure the Lord pays back 100,000 % times more than what I gave him, but that is my loving Father, ready to give abundantly to any that follows Him. I am grateful for the blessings, I am grateful for the trials, I am grateful to know He lives and loves me.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

work will always wait... fun not so much, get it while you can :)

That's what I think I know. It's my story and I am sticking to it :)
I was thinking about that yesterday, I need to finish unpcaking my scrapbook stuff in the garage, because we have the washer and dryer there, and in the moving and re-arranging we blocked the dryer and need to, well do more laundry... So over the weekend I was supposed to at least get most of it done, well it didn't happen, I got to online chat with my friends at A Charming Place, get creative, and had so much fun and got so muh of my well needed creative escape that I didn't regret spending my time that way. On Monday we had FHE with another family, and that was a great way to spend my Monday as well, and yesterday I had the opportunity to hang out with Keera and Kaeden, and well, that didn't help me working in the garage, but thinking about it, yes, work, good, but it will wait, I'll get it done, destressing, having fun, spending time with family, friends, doing good things, better. Got me thinking about a talk I loved about choosing good, better, best; now I am pretty sure, today would be a day when BEST would be to clean that disaster area, yes, I am tired, and will be more when I am done, but who says going to bed tired at night is a bad thing? ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

I've been inspired!

Yes, I've been inspired by my new sister-in-law, gee what a rough word that word is, it has law in it, lawyers, trouble... you follow me right? anyways, I'd rather call here sister, Anna.

Well since the last time I posted, my lil' brother, not really that little, got married! In Boston! I know!!!!!!!!!!!! (said in best Monica voice), and I've really enjoyed getting to know the newest family member through her blog, I was pleasently surprised to find her blog and see all the cool crafts and yummy food she is making, I must say, she must be the other Luna girl I've been waiting for my whole life!!!! I mean, no offense to my other sisters, they are great, but I needed another crafty sister to share excitements, so Thank you Lalo for finding her just for me! :)

I was saying... I go on and on, and might be why I haven't been blogging, but I really was saying, I've been inspired by her, so I want to start blogging again too, there are many things going on with life right now, and things I learn and don't want to forget, so here I go again :)

Just a short update, family is doing great, I guess since the last time, my family has grown, we now have Leila my new precious baby niece and Anna, Lalo's wife. Gilmer's family doing great in Peru, and working hard. We have been getting older, Gilmer turned 30, and no, against all he thought, he still is as young as when he was 29, and looking quite sharp! ;)

We bought a house, in Moses Lake, and we are loving working on it, sometimes it gets frustrating, sometimes it feels like it is all a mess and never going to end, but most of the time it is rewarding to be working in a home of our own!

In Church, we've been transitioning too, we have a new branch president, I have moved from nursery leader, to primary counselor to now Sunday school teacher, back to a calling I had when 18, but loving every step of the way, it is amazing how much we learn from every calling in the church, as much as I don't like change, I really should get used to this and like calling changes, they really make you grow and expand in many areas. Gilmer has gone from clerk to Elder's quorum counselor now to... coming soon.....

I'll probably be going back a little bit, sometimes, as I remember things, but for now, welcome back to our world, even if it is just me talking to me :)