Friday, October 22, 2010

I dig junk

I want a mirror in the dinning area, I want a fancy mirror in the dinning area, I got fancy, I didn't get that big, but this will do until I get my buffet table and can figure out what I really want, for now, no point in really spending money in a big one when I can use this $2 mirror that I got at a yard sale and just spray paint.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

This girl, is growing up..... well sorto....

Why don't they let you take pictures on Claire's???? Doesn't matter, not like I'll be going there much anymore... I think I have to say I've reached a milestone in my life, where even for this princess, Claire's is just too young.........shocking, I know! But that milestone doesn't count the cute Hello Kitty cel phone charm and key cover, right? LOL :)

Why carve when you can glitterize?

I don't like carving pumpkins, I don't, I mean, they look awesome and kudos to you that do it, but isn't it messy??? yeah... not the thing for me, so isn't it appropriate for me to put glitter on them? I think yeah! Some elmer's glue and glitter, all I needed :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am soooo happy

You have no idea! Well many reasons... let's try to put them down

When we moved from Peru we left many "things" that meant something for us, "things" that belonged to my grandparents "things" my dad had made, "things" that reminded me of a childhood in Peru, of a lifetime in Peru. And yes, they were just "things" and yes, you do have to get over it, people are what really make a difference in our lifes, not "things". But with that in mind, when I bought a house in Moses Lake, I knew that United States was my Home, where I wanted and hoped to stay, to make new memories and hopefuly someday makes memories for my kids as well. I wanted, and yes, I mean, I wanted, as in I begged, and I pleaded, and I annoyed my dad for an entertainment center, I wanted him to make it, I wanted to have that big piece of furniture in my living room, made by him just like we had in my house in Lima, and even though I may not stay in this house forever, I would know that that piece of furniture will stay with me for I would hope be forever. And like a good, loving, well also tired of whining daughter, dad, he agreed! :) Work started in May, and after months and months of hard work for my dad, and with the help of my awesome and handsome (doesn't have anything to do with his handyman abilities, I just had to tell you I think he is handsome) husband, It is here!!!!!! We both, Gilmer and me, took the week off work to finish it, so at the end of that week we were ready to stain, sand, lacquer, repeat, bis bis bis many times. And that is another reason why I am so happy, working with Gilmer in the final process of this furniture, was actually........... FUN, I know! weird huh? me? loving sanding and painting? weird, but true, I loved working with hubby, he is such a perfectionist, but nobody is perfect LOL :)

And here it is now in my living room, enjoying it and thinking once and again, how awesome is my dad! how patient and kind those men are to me, even when I am so spoiled, they come forth for me, every time, and once more I feel blessed, it is not the "thing" it is what I get from them. I love you! and I love my mom too, for letting borrow her husband soooo many days and nights :)

Link to more pictures

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am grateful

For the blessing I have, I am grateful for what I've been taught, I am grateful I have a wonderful man next to me, one that his main concern is always my happiness, he truly is happy when I am happy, I feel it, I sense it, and I appreciate it, I am thankful to my Heavenly Father that gave him to me, I am grateful, for the right decisions I made in my life that led me to him. I do not believe in coincidences, I do not believe you just happen to get blessings, I believe in consequences, I believe everything you get is for something you've done, I am sure I did something right in my life to deserve the life I today have, I am definitely sure the Lord pays back 100,000 % times more than what I gave him, but that is my loving Father, ready to give abundantly to any that follows Him. I am grateful for the blessings, I am grateful for the trials, I am grateful to know He lives and loves me.