Monday, April 27, 2009

My Birthday!

Can I just say again I have the best husband in the whole world!!!!! Oh yes I do!!!! And family too, and friends! I can only imagine this surprise party they threw was a bunch of work! and it turned out amazing!!!!!!

Ok, so this is how we start... for weeks now I've been bothering Gilmer (the guy is a saint I tell you) about my birthday party, of course I wanted one! I needed to dance the night away, but he kept saying he did have a surprise for me, but unfortunately it wasn't a party, he couldn't get the place to do it, so I could have one later, so he kept telling me, meanwhile, everybody in my life, family, friends, even co-workers, kept asking "what about your party Lani, weren't you going to have one?" I was so disappointed every time I heard that, it wasn't even funny! but deep inside, I always hoped I would still have one, a small one at least, with family. I tell you when it is time to deceive somebody, lie to somebody, all of a sudden everybody in your life is the best actor or actress in the whole world!

So Friday comes, 1 day before my birthday, Gilmer all this time is telling me that I have to be ready when he gets home from work to go, I am like what? is he going to do my party on Friday because he couldn't find the place for Saturday? or in the worse case scenario, is he going to take me dancing to Spokane? don't really want that... so on the way, he tells me, yes, we are going dancing to Spokane.... can you picture a disappointed spoiled princess now? yeap, that was me... trying to hide it though, for a moment I did believe he would do that, and only both of us? how not what I wanted at all! ... but I did not want to make him feel bad. But as we keep driving I have hopes that we are actually going to take the airport exit and go get Nalu and Lalo, and we DO! we take that exit! I get the soul back to my body, we are going to pick Nalu and Lalo up! so I think.... but Gilmer now says that we may be going to pick up tia Maria, I love tia Maria, but now I don't know what we are doing! he is a sneaky little brat! The whole time he kept telling me lies, one after the other, but I am pretty sure is Nalu and Lalo, and it is!!!!!! we get them, after my little Keera assures me it is tia Nalu and tio Lalo coming, Thank you Kiki! ;)
So that was fun, but little did I know fun was just starting, he had told me that he had to go to work for a couple of hours on Sat. to help his co-worker... yeah right... I did end up believing that one, and he goes for around 3 hours in the morning, I hear things about my party... my mom is not a very good liar LOL, but still thinking is probably going to be a small get together, really, my husband is organizing it, and as sweet as he is, what does he know about parties, right? ;)
After a little shopping with Nalu and Gilmer, we go home to rest a little bit, the poor husband hasn't been sleeping right in days, I STRESSED HIM OUT! yikes! LOL :) After our nap he is hurrying me to go, saying that Nalu had organized a karaoke and we need to go... I take my sweet time... in part to get the whole scoop, thinking if I pressure him enough he'll have to tell me... but no.... he is good I tell you!!!!!

We get to the car, he is telling me that in the middle of the way he is going to have to blindfold me, that it was Nalu's instructions... right..... meanwhile I am going crazy, I know there's going to be something, but where? how? he is telling me all sort of lies and making me even more nervous! and he blindfolds me, and I just want to kill him! I can't stand it anymore!!!!! But we get there, he is guiding me, me trying not to fall, the door is closed... we have to go other way... I don't have an idea where we are! ... he opens the door... everybody starts singing, but I can't see still... finally I can't take it anymore, I take the scarf off my face and there it is! My family, my friends, my co-workers, people from church, my scrappy friends, it was AWESOME! and the best part is that all the decorations were Hello Kitty!, I had a balloon arch HE made himself, with help blowing the balloons of course, I even had a Pepsi sign! LOL :) Let's see... I had a yummy 3 leches cake, hello kitty of course... a piƱata... yeap you guessed it, hello kitty too :), I was soooo overwhelmed by my husband's, family's, friend's love they had shown to me! THANK YOU EVERYBODY THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

I had the time of my life, the love of my life throwing me an amazing party, most my family there with me, helping and celebrating with us! Thank you Nalu and Lalo for coming!!!, my friends being there and helping so much, special thanks to Mireya! she did so much!!!! I danced the night away and had a complete blast! I cannot say enough about the party, just look at some pictures :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What would I do without that wonderful man!

For so many reasons, Thank you Gilmer! Thank you for putting up with me in my worse moments! Thank you for taking such good care of me! Thank you for loving me the way you do! Thank you for making me smile when I most need it! Thank you for being such a wonderful and loving man. I love you Gilmer! You make my life better and brighter!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Da White Stuff!!!!!!

Seriously! What's going on, doesn't anybody else notices that is April 14th! it snowed here today! and when I mean snow, I mean SNOW! big flakes all morning! Seriously! Seriously!!!!!!! Cwazy!

All I really want is to be able to go outside and stay in the grass, have Gilmer grill, uhmmm... I love Springtime, I just wish it was here already!
I made this layout a couple of weeks ago, this is Alana when they came for a visit, I believe it was spring of 2007, I miss them so much! I need to see them soon!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MDDD is over

At ACharmingPlace every once in a while they hold a Mystery Double Dog Dare game, where somebody send us something out of the ordinary, or ordinary, whatever, refer as a "thong" and we have to get crafty with it. This time Leah sent us some totally out of the ordinary stuff, and we had a blast playing with it, connector cables, buttons, mica, wood chips, and some other stuff I don't even know the names :); the girls did so amazing check out the gallery here, what a creative bunch they are.

And this one is mine, I made a bracelet, with a little bit of charms and some funky stuff you can get your creative juices flowing, Thanks Leah! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweet and short weekend

I had a nice weekend, Kuki the clown had another show this Saturday, he was working all day, so I got to learn how to set up the music and microphones and to be his help, so I figure; I am now Kuki the clown's, music lady, set up lady, warm up lady, translator, helper and master of ceremony, and he is only the STAR, I think I am going to be asking for a raise now, 80% doesn't seem enough anymore! LOL :D But it was good, it is so fun to see your husband dressed up and having so much fun, playing like a little kid, kids LOVE him so much! the kids were begging him to stay longer, it was fun, glad he is able to bring joy to kids.

Sunday we had conference, I love general conference, going to church is always food for the soul, and if I like food, my soul likes it too ;), but general conference is like going to PF Chang or Olive garden, it is awesome.

Sunday was also Alana's birthday, she is 4 now!!!! Amazing! where does time fly? I still remember the day when we arrived to Salt Lake, for a visit only, and she was born, a little premature, she just wanted to meet her tia Lani and abuelita, I am sure ;). Now she is 4, and it stinks that I don't get to see her that much, I can't help but think how much fun would be to play with them too when Kuki does his shows, or when we go visit Keera and Kaeden, and have so much fun with them, but that's life, and I made a promise to myself that for her 5th, we'll be there. Happy Birthday baby girl, we love you and miss you!

So no much scrappin' this weekend, but I did get to go to our first Garage sale this weekend, nothing much but I did get some toys for nursery.

This card I made last week, I wasn't sure about it, but my friends say it is sexy???!!!, you tell me :)