Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some of our crafts

So, I want Keera to be a crafter, I do! maybe she is not the greatest at it right now, but she is a smart little girl and I know with practice she will be, and when she is older she is going to be my favorite scrappy/craft buddy, she has to! I am putting a lot of effort in it, and like Keera says, "Tia dreams come true, they do, they came true for me!" ;)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spring around the corner?

Winter is almost over and we can see the deer wandering around now.

Just something I got on the internet yesterday, but I couldn't help to start laughing, maybe trying not to cry! LOL, I am just not a winter kind of person and it seems like this winter has been here a couple of months too long for me, so here's to Spring :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

and the cards

I couldn't get very good pictures of some, I need better lighting for longer periods of time, that's it! I just need my sunshine, and I am not only talking for the pictures!

I am using more of the alcohol inks and playing with them, I know my charming friends will be proud of it ;) I still don't have a craft mat (see I don't have everything), so I used wax paper to make the background paper for those two shiny cards, and it worked, not perfectly but worked, it just dried the inks a little bit sooner than I wanted them to.

A scrappy day

On Saturday a couple of friends came over to my house and we scrapped all morning, and most of the afternoon before I went to babysit, so I got some cards done, and finished a layout, I think I finally may be getting my groove back, there's nothing better than a scrappy day to cure that :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

"The Show"

A video of the show, and don't mind me, the camera puts like 50 lbs. right? really I look good ;)

What a weekend

Really, it is fun to take care of Keera and Kaeden, really is, and my favorite part is on Sunday morning, when I am choosing what they are going to wear for church, is like playing paper dolls again, the ones my grandma used to sell on her little art/office supply store, really lots of fun, and getting to church with them all cute, and playing girlie stuff, and doing her hair, and the crafts we do together, and how cute Kiko is looking, fun, BUT as fun as it is, I cannot deny that the other part, the waking up early to have enough time to get them ready, arguing with a pretty smart 2 1/2 yo, and trying for the 11 mo not to eat every thing he finds, and the changing diapers, and just having to do everything for them, is WORK, Gilmer was a great help, he basically took over for Kiko and did really good, he first said he wasn't going to be able to, but pretty soon he was changing poopy diapers, making formula and putting to nap like a real man, proud of him :).
So today is a day that I don't really appreciate much going to work early, and I am still finding ways to wake up, I'll get there, I am sure :)

These are from our last week "Show" Kaeden decided at last minute that he wasn't going to participate, something about the pay.... ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

So Keera

When you grow up you better still believe your "Tia" is super cool! super awesome! super princess! cause you know we have a lot of fun together ;)

We had a blast together! went to the library, I know, sounds boring huh? but when you put a whole bunch of kids books and a computer for toddlers, voila, you have 45 min. of pure entertainment for a 2 1/2 yo, then we did a little bit of shopping, that girls prefers going to Safeway than Gottschalks, something wrong with her, but still she had fun with both, and then to eat. We had pizza, I have to say I like Papa Murphys, but what's up with the stuffed pizzas? those are not pizzas, calzones maybe?! they are just weird, but hey Gilmer likes it, so fine, to each its own.

Ok, so I love spending time with a 2 1/2, it is because there is nothing better than to start a little girl into princessdom LOL :D, and maybe if I do my job right, when she is 29 like me, she'll drive her husband crazy and still believe, but really believe, she IS a real princess, hey it is hard being a princess, but somebody has to do the job, right? ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well so not everything so bad

Ok, so I am in a better mood today, so, what about snow angels? those are good things about winter right?

Well and there's also chilling under cozy blankets, even better with hubby, warm meals, The hope for spring! LOL There are good things ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter time Stinks!

For sooo many reasons I can't even begin to explain! I just hate it, my mood goes down, my scared level goes up, I hate driving, I hate having accidents, and worse part is we never seem to be able to avoid them! arrrggghhh and now my strong man is sick :(. Poor thing, he never gets sick, probably once every year an a half, and at that probably just for a day, now it's been since Saturday he's been sick and he feels miserable! First time since he started work in Oct. 2006 that he's missing work and hates that too, I basically had to make him stay. So Winter not so much fun, but I am still working on finding the positive, Help? yeahhh.... you tell me