Wednesday, August 4, 2010

work will always wait... fun not so much, get it while you can :)

That's what I think I know. It's my story and I am sticking to it :)
I was thinking about that yesterday, I need to finish unpcaking my scrapbook stuff in the garage, because we have the washer and dryer there, and in the moving and re-arranging we blocked the dryer and need to, well do more laundry... So over the weekend I was supposed to at least get most of it done, well it didn't happen, I got to online chat with my friends at A Charming Place, get creative, and had so much fun and got so muh of my well needed creative escape that I didn't regret spending my time that way. On Monday we had FHE with another family, and that was a great way to spend my Monday as well, and yesterday I had the opportunity to hang out with Keera and Kaeden, and well, that didn't help me working in the garage, but thinking about it, yes, work, good, but it will wait, I'll get it done, destressing, having fun, spending time with family, friends, doing good things, better. Got me thinking about a talk I loved about choosing good, better, best; now I am pretty sure, today would be a day when BEST would be to clean that disaster area, yes, I am tired, and will be more when I am done, but who says going to bed tired at night is a bad thing? ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

I've been inspired!

Yes, I've been inspired by my new sister-in-law, gee what a rough word that word is, it has law in it, lawyers, trouble... you follow me right? anyways, I'd rather call here sister, Anna.

Well since the last time I posted, my lil' brother, not really that little, got married! In Boston! I know!!!!!!!!!!!! (said in best Monica voice), and I've really enjoyed getting to know the newest family member through her blog, I was pleasently surprised to find her blog and see all the cool crafts and yummy food she is making, I must say, she must be the other Luna girl I've been waiting for my whole life!!!! I mean, no offense to my other sisters, they are great, but I needed another crafty sister to share excitements, so Thank you Lalo for finding her just for me! :)

I was saying... I go on and on, and might be why I haven't been blogging, but I really was saying, I've been inspired by her, so I want to start blogging again too, there are many things going on with life right now, and things I learn and don't want to forget, so here I go again :)

Just a short update, family is doing great, I guess since the last time, my family has grown, we now have Leila my new precious baby niece and Anna, Lalo's wife. Gilmer's family doing great in Peru, and working hard. We have been getting older, Gilmer turned 30, and no, against all he thought, he still is as young as when he was 29, and looking quite sharp! ;)

We bought a house, in Moses Lake, and we are loving working on it, sometimes it gets frustrating, sometimes it feels like it is all a mess and never going to end, but most of the time it is rewarding to be working in a home of our own!

In Church, we've been transitioning too, we have a new branch president, I have moved from nursery leader, to primary counselor to now Sunday school teacher, back to a calling I had when 18, but loving every step of the way, it is amazing how much we learn from every calling in the church, as much as I don't like change, I really should get used to this and like calling changes, they really make you grow and expand in many areas. Gilmer has gone from clerk to Elder's quorum counselor now to... coming soon.....

I'll probably be going back a little bit, sometimes, as I remember things, but for now, welcome back to our world, even if it is just me talking to me :)